Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where Have We Been?

It has been months since I've even been in the blogging world, and it feels great to be back and see what's going on in everyones lifes. I hope I can keep up now with all my pictures I've been taking so we'll see, we've been  pretty much busy with life, work, school, sports sports and more sports lol, the story of our lives, and we LOVE IT. Here are some random pictures of our lives over the last few months
 Brakens Field Of Dreams June 2013

 South Jordan baseball tournament in may 2013

 March Madness Tournament in St.George 2013

 visiting grandma cynthias grave, we do that often because we miss her so much

 We love basketball season
meat got braces on
We also went to cooperstown New York with Brakens baseball team in June and we had the time of our lives there, such a fun place for those baseball families like us to enjoy,  and I will post all of our fun pictures another day. Thanks for visiting! Cheers

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Meat

I can't believe my baby is 10 years old.  It felt like just yesterday i was holding him in my arms feeding him a bottle, but in the same token glad were not in those days since Payton was a preemie and born 3 months too early and ended up spending 3 months in the hospital fighting for his life, it's hard to believe how small and fragile he was being born only weighing in at a whoping 2lbs. 7oz. which we could put him in a 44oz cup with a lid on it and he'd still have room in their, and that was a HUGE shock to us considering that Braken weighed 10lbs. 1oz.  ya tell me about it he was our tank and between the two of them i couldve had 2 average sized kids.  With Payton being as small and early as he was he had very few complications, he was on a ventilator at some time of his stay which was right after he was born cause his lungs weren't quit developed and luckily for us his heart murmur healed itself so no surgery was required and we couldn't hold him for the first 10 days of him being born, that was very difficult how do you tell parents that they can't bond with their baby who just entered this world, patience definatley got the best of us, and to think how stressful our lives were going back and forth from the hospital to work to home to take care of our 1.5 year old who was all over the place exploring his own findings, was VeRy difficult and I still ask myself to this day how we managed to do it all, and he had 5 blood transfusions which technically saved his life many times, and looking at him now you would never know he was born so tiny it's amazing how the body works, so he was our fighter which we are very very blessed that he was.  Payton is very special in his own unique way even with his BIG attitude and gratitude for life.  He brings our family so much joy and happiness and he keeps us on our toes constantly.  He is so caring and loving to others, he's a great friend to have, he's very smart, and lives his life to the fullest. We had Grandma & Grandpa Blackham and Grandpa Clint and Vera over for Payton's favorite meal: Haystacks which he requested for his birthday dinner and then to have cake and ice cream and of course he was spoiled as always.  Payton we love you very much and hope you had a great Birthday, cause we sure enjoyed celebrating with you.

ThAnKsGiViNg 2012

I am Thankful for my loving family, our health, friends, our blessings, our jobs, the food on the table, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in.  We truly are blessed for what surrounds us in our everyday lives.  My mom put out a great thanksgiving dinner as always, we just missed Grandma and Grandpa Tuttle being there but it's too much for grandpa too travel sometimes.  Thanks mom and dad for having us over and letting us spend the day with you.  We actually took Scott along on our Black Friday Shopping and we met up with Lyndi at none other then Wolly World, it was freakyn awesome.  LOvE It!!!!!

Were At It Again

Scott's work was another sponsor for the "Thanksgiving Race" and food bank run on thanksgiving day so we figured we would give it a try again.  The boys didn't participate this time; just me and scott and boy was it cold.  We run on the treadmills at the herriman rec center so to run on the roads in these things are so difficult and my knee was killing me so I struggled with this race and Scott was such a trooper to wait for me and walk half the time.  Thanks babe.  We did finish in less than an hour so that was good cause that's always my goal with the 5k runs hopefully one day I can run the whole thing, that would be awesome! until next time!