Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where Have We Been?

It has been months since I've even been in the blogging world, and it feels great to be back and see what's going on in everyones lifes. I hope I can keep up now with all my pictures I've been taking so we'll see, we've been  pretty much busy with life, work, school, sports sports and more sports lol, the story of our lives, and we LOVE IT. Here are some random pictures of our lives over the last few months
 Brakens Field Of Dreams June 2013

 South Jordan baseball tournament in may 2013

 March Madness Tournament in St.George 2013

 visiting grandma cynthias grave, we do that often because we miss her so much

 We love basketball season
meat got braces on
We also went to cooperstown New York with Brakens baseball team in June and we had the time of our lives there, such a fun place for those baseball families like us to enjoy,  and I will post all of our fun pictures another day. Thanks for visiting! Cheers

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